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Formula VIP Events offers the most unique and bold experiences around. Our top party experience, Blu Party ATX, has happened exclusively during the United States Grand Prix™ and MotoGP™, with plans to expand the event to other times of the year. 2018 will be the 7th fabulous year of Blu!

CEO, Ian Weightman, an avid Formula One™ fan, organized and ran the Formula Expo in 2012, with Jeannine Rock on his team. Alongside the Formula Expo was a music event called Band of the Year. Ms. Rock introduced Ginger Leigh, Austin-based international touring and recording artist, to Ian. Ginger quickly became an integral part of the Formula Expo and Band of the Year team, organizing and performing the finale concert at ACL Moody Theater and filling in as part of the marketing realm for the events.

After the success of The Formula Expo and Band of the Year, Ian Weightman and Ginger Leigh began plans for the after party-nightlife surrounding the Formula One™ race weekend. Together scribbling on a napkin or two, the concept of Blu began to take shape and quickly became their focus of the year. Years 1, 2, and 3 took place as Blu at the W Austin Hotel. Year 4, the Formula VIP Events team took Blu in conjunction with My Yacht Club to Brazos Hall. The 2016, Blu + My Yacht Club was held at 213 West 5th Street, formerly Antone's at the corner of 5th and Lavaca. Formula VIP Events renovated and dressed the space and turned it into a stunning venue for the celebration! The venue rendered a mix of sleek glamour and edgy industrial textures and brought forth an incredible display of after party nightlife to Blu + My Yacht Club guests; locals, international elite, business moguls, celebrities and drivers.

2018 BLU + My Yacht Club will be held at Moonfire Lounge along with The Vaughn Rooftop which sits above the new Moonfire Lounge at 310 Colorado.

We create outstanding experiences for our guests and our clients. With our creative team, we have had great success producing events at various locations in Austin. We have produced nightclub events at the W Austin Hotel, live music events at ACL Live at the Moody Theater, dinner events at the Four Seasons, expos at the Austin Convention Center, casual events at La Zona Rosa and the Stage. We are a well-connected group who can create, manage and execute your event whether large or small, but always unique and progressive.

We Offer:

  • One of a kind parties, events, dinners.
  • Unique spaces with contemporary design.
  • Entertainment that will dazzle your guests and clients.
  • A professional staff which will concierge your experience at a 5 star level.
  • Dinner Events, Nightclub Events, Live Music Events

Need to talk? Contact us at blupartyatx@gmail.com

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Our company specializes in the bold! Whether a nightclub after party (Blu), an Expo, a dinner event or a live music concert, we have all of the parts, labor, creativity and staff to execute smoothly and efficiently.

Thanks to our Past Partners

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